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03.10.2006 Press release

Rahbek adds colour to The Uffe Holm show
Favourite work of art sold to Danish stand-up icon

The renowned voice of Grammy award winner, and Nobel price nominee Bono, has acquired fans in their thousands. Now he also has acquired the workspace of a man, whose tongue is sharp-edged and fun. Uffe Holm has bought one quite unique piece of artwork by Rahbek.

The gigantic canvas has become part of the fixtures in one of the most important rooms of Uffe Holm – his study. In his study Uffe conceives and refines the punch lines for the shows, that has made Uffe one of Denmark’s most popular stand-up comedians. Uffe has chosen to place the painting in the study because he finds lots of inspiration in the painting. “U2 are on a roll – they are fabulously creative, and Bono is an incredible frontline figure” – Uffe comments.  Furthermore Uffe says that the painting adds a new dimension every time he looks at it. “It is really cool, because it is so huge and colourful, and explosive – there is always something new to discover”.


Uffe Holm with his new Rahbek Art.

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