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Rahbek nominated for Grant from the Danish Foreign Ministry
International prospects outline the character of future artwork

The Danish Foreign Ministry has provided Rahbek the foundation for a more international working approach. The Ministry has recently awarded a grant that provides the opportunity to take a crucial step across the Danish border. The grant makes it easier to procure the artwork on international grounds – part of it, for instance, is provision of consultancy support from an expert in this specific field. The grant is at first used with the intention of getting in touch with the aesthetic nerve of connoisseurs in Sweden, yet it also expands opportunities in other geographic regions. Besides acknowledging the previous work of Rahbek, the Danish Foreign Ministry thereby also ensures more working space for upcoming artistic expressions.

Rahbek indstillet til legat fra Udenrigsministeriet
Kunstneren sætter nu en mere international vinkel på værkerne

Det Danske Udenrigsministerium har netop givet Rahbek et eklatant skulderklap og en særligt støttende håndsrækning til at tage et afgørende skridt over den danske grænse. Kunstneren er blevet tildelt et legat, der skal assistere et mere internationalt arbejde i fremtiden. Legatet gør det lettere at få navnet Rahbek på udenlandske læber og ikke mindst ind i hjemmene hos udenlandske kunstsamlere. Legatet skal i første omgang bruges til at få føling med den æstetiske nerve hos kunstkendere i Sverige, men det åbner også døre i andre geografiske retninger. Ud over den blåstempling Udenrigsministeriet har givet det hidtidige arbejde, er der dermed også sørget for større frirum til fremtidige kunstneriske udtryk.

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Danish artist Rahbek's bold acrylics on canvas employ visual cues from advertising and the media to produce a new kind of Pop art relevant to the post-Pop culture. Graphic elements and typography intermix with a fluorescent spectrum of colors in an explosion of powerful, sometimes political, and often humorous imagery. Rahbek's stencil like subjects, typically rendered flatly across the canvas, bleed drips of paint down the surface of the work. This immediacy of composition, therefore, causes the works to take on a street-art appearance, as though they were hurriedly spray painted across a wall. Viewers, then, become implicit in the act, taking on the role of accomplice to Rahbek's perpetrator. In this sense, Rahbek's paintings become more than simply aesthetic objects, but interactive and entertaining experiences for audiences to enjoy. Rather than intimidating the viewer with conceptual ideals.

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Rahbek has become Artist in Residence

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