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On 15 July 2009, the world’s leading creative talents join forces at Planet Illogica

- Rahbek has become Artist in Residence in the exclusive forum

The concept could not be simpler: By bringing together leading artists from a variety of genres, prominent artists can be aided in bringing exposure to and inspiring one another. Moreover, they can act as focal points for the creation of a unique creative community. This sophisticated platform was two years in the making and utilises every virtual tool imaginable. The project, Planet Illogica, is the work of Tonny Sorensen, the man behind the Von Dutch success story. As one of the artists selected for the much-coveted Artist in Residence positions for Planet Illogica’s opening, Rahbek joins such esteemed names as Ron English, Obey, Joe Vaux, and Ed Roth.

Tonny Sorensen describes Planet Illogica as a unique algorithm spanning all existing virtual platforms in a trembling tension field, as place in which creative forces can flow freely, regardless of their artistic forms. Tonny emphasises that this is an asset for designers, photographers, artists, programmers, film makers, writers, and other creative talents the world over. At Planet Illogica, everyone has access to a virtual studio, an endless source of inspiration, a creative playground, a forum for exchanging knowledge, a setting for artistic events, and a network on a scale so extensive as to confound imagination. Any creative individual can become a member of Planet Illogica, but it is leading artists who set the agenda. For example, before you can become an Artist in Residence, your work first needs to be judged by other leading artists.

Rahbek and many of the other artists selected for Planet Illogica work within the Low Brow or Pop Surrealism style, which holds a particular place in the heart of founder Tonny Sorensen. Tonny’s interest in Rahbek’s art therefore went beyond Planet Illogica recruitment; it found fulfilment in the purchase of Rahbek’s “New Age Movement”. This painting will enter exalted company among works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gary Baseman, and Joe Vaux in Tonny’s house in Beverly Hills.

Den 15 juli 2009 flyder verdens førende kreative kræfter sammen på Planet Illogica

- Kunstneren Rahbek er blevet ”Artist In Residence” i det eksklusive forum

Ideen er enkel. Ved at sætte førende kunstnere inden for mange forskellige genrer i kategori med andre prominente kunstnere, kan de skabe eksponering for hinanden, inspirere hinanden og blive omdrejningspunkt for dannelsen af et unikt kreativt community. Platformen er avanceret, gennemtænkt over to år, og anvender alle tænkelige virtuelle værktøjer. Projektet hedder Planet Illogica og er skabt af manden bag success-historien Von Dutch - Tonny Sorensen. Rahbek er en af de udvalgte kunstnere, der er kommet i den eftertragtede kategori ”Artist In Residence” på Planet Illogica fra starten - i selskab med navne som Ron English, Obey, Joe Vaux og Ed Roth.

Tonny Sorensen udtaler at Planet Illogica er en unik algoritme, der krydser alle de nuværende virtuelle platforme i et sitrende spændingsfelt, hvor kreative kræfter kan flyde frit, uanset hvilken kunstnerisk form de er funderet i. Tonny understreger at forumet er både for designere, fotografer, kunstnere, programmører, filmfolk, skribenter og andre kreative talenter verden over. På Planet Illogica får de alle adgang til et virtuelt atelier, en uendelig kilde til inspiration, en kreativ legeplads, et vidensforum, events og et netværk på en skala der kan være svær at forestille sig. Alle kreative kan blive medlem af Planet Illogica, men det er de førende kunstnere, der sætter dagsordenen. For eksempel skal man, for at komme i kategorien ”Artist In Residence”, have sit arbejde bedømt af andre førende kunstnere.

Rahbek og en stor skare af de udvalgte kunstnere til Planet Illogica bevæger sig inden for stilarten Low Brow eller Pop Surrealism som har en særlig kærlighed hos stifteren Tonny Sorensen. Tonny’s interesse for Rahbeks kunst rakte dermed også ud over hvervningen til Planet Illogica, og udmundede i et køb af Rahbek-billedet ”New Age Movement”. Billedet kommer i fornemt selskab med navne som Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gary Baseman og Joe Vaux i Tonny’s hus i Beverly Hills.

New Age Movement

Name: New Age Movement / Size: 200 x 200 cm

Tonny Sorensen, ceo Von Dutch and founder of Planet Illogica

Tonny Sorensen in his home in Beverly Hills.

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Danish artist Rahbek's bold acrylics on canvas employ visual cues from advertising and the media to produce a new kind of Pop art relevant to the post-Pop culture. Graphic elements and typography intermix with a fluorescent spectrum of colors in an explosion of powerful, sometimes political, and often humorous imagery. Rahbek's stencil like subjects, typically rendered flatly across the canvas, bleed drips of paint down the surface of the work. This immediacy of composition, therefore, causes the works to take on a street-art appearance, as though they were hurriedly spray painted across a wall. Viewers, then, become implicit in the act, taking on the role of accomplice to Rahbek's perpetrator. In this sense, Rahbek's paintings become more than simply aesthetic objects, but interactive and entertaining experiences for audiences to enjoy. Rather than intimidating the viewer with conceptual ideals.

With more than 10 years experience as an Art Director at an independent advertising agency in Copenhagen, it is not surprising that Rahbek's visual lexicon borrows from familiar imagery and verbiage used in everyday advertising. Rahbek lives and works in Denmark and is included in the Race Against Breast Cancer collection.

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ATTENTION - Selfish Desires Versus Humanity

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Please feel free to join my preview at gallery ARTFLOOR, Geneva.

Thursday, March 25 | 18h30 - 22h30

ARTFLOOR (1er étage) | 16 rue Dr Alfred Vincent
1201 Genève | Tel: + 41 76 369 6117

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Nyt kunst i restauranten på Hotel D’Angleterre

Hotel D'Angleterre

Kunstneren Lars Rahbek har indgået et interessant kunst samarbejde med Hotel D’Angleterre.
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Rahbek nominated for Grant from the Danish Foreign Ministry

International prospects outline the character of future artwork

The Danish Foreign Ministry has provided Rahbek the foundation for a more international working approach. The Ministry has recently awarded a grant that provides the opportunity to take a crucial step across the Danish border. The grant makes it easier to procure the artwork on international grounds – part of it, for instance, is provision of consultancy support from an expert in this specific field. The grant is at first used with the intention of getting in touch with the aesthetic nerve of connoisseurs in Sweden, yet it also expands opportunities in other geographic regions. Besides acknowledging the previous work of Rahbek, the Danish Foreign Ministry thereby also ensures more working space for upcoming artistic expressions.

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